Pupil Labs’ Realtime Python API

pupil_labs.realtime_api is a Python module to wrap around the Pupil Labs Realtime Network API.

It also offers some convenience functions like gaze↔frame matching and exposes easy-to-use functions and classes to get started without having to know much about advanced programming or network communication!

Use pip to install the package:

pip install pupil-labs-realtime-api

Getting Started

The module comes in two flavours, we recommend using the simple version.

  1. The async interface is using Python’s asyncio in order to implement non-blocking asynchronous communication.

  2. The simple interface wraps around the async one sacrificing flexibility for the sake of ease of use. The calls made using the simple mode are blocking. If you don’t know what any of this means, that’s okay! The simple mode suffices for most use-cases and you usually do not need to understand the differences!

To get started with either version, see our code examples Code Examples.

We also provide more detailed guides as part of the Pupil Invisible and Pupil Cloud documentation: docs.pupil-labs.com

Bug Reports and Contributing

Help us make great tool! Bugs reports, suggestions, and fixes are always welcome.

The source code and issue tracker are both hosted on GitHub.

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